I’m Tara, a MADA design graduate based in Melbourne (Naarm). My design interests span across identity, digital publishing, motion and typography.  

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Back2Bikes Rebrand

This project challenged us to build a new identity for a not-for-profit organisation. Back2Bikes is a Melbourne based not-for-profit that provides affordable bike repair and transport options to the local community.

A volunteer-run initiative, Back2Bikes works alongside other social welfare organisations to provide free bikes to those in need, including refugees, the long-term unemployed and the disabled community.

The new identity is bold and assured, and brings together cohesive written and visual languages to create consistent communications. Information is presented in a fun and engaging way which reflects the spirit of the organisation.


Nudge is a proposed identity for a hypothetical holistic massage therapy business. This project asked us to consider the importance of a logo as a representation of public identity.

The business, ‘Nudge Holistic Massage Therapy’ is a small remedial massage therapist specialising in Eastern massage traditions with a focus on holistic methodology.

A 10 second animated logo aligning with the identity of the brand was created, as well as a secondary animation that expands the realm of the brand in a creative way. I created a 30 second frame-by-frame animation focused on introducing a ‘moment of mindfulness’ into the viewer’s day.

View the animation here.

In the Garden

In the Garden is a multi-page experimental website that represents a rhizome of hyperlinks and information. The site, which is presented in a ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ style format, creates an interesting and interactive playground of  information.

Users are challenged to explore and find the hidden easter eggs that connect together other pages, external links and other students’ sites from the same project.

The project is centred around the idea of entering a garden; a multipurpose, multi-use space and umbrella for a number of different subcultures and hobbies. Users are invited to explore a virtual garden of information and connections in this project.

Online in Circles

Online in Circles is an editorial microsite that aims to transform the user’s reading experience. This project challenged us to research and collate articles related to a central theme, and build and design pages to present content in an effective and critical way.

My project is centred around the idea of online echo chambers and filter bubbles, and how they control the way we receive information online. Information is transformed in a restrictive manner, much like that of the actual algorithmic experience of consuming information online.

Articles are presented in this endless scrolling format, constricted to the boundaries of an experimental  newsfeed.

Drag Expo

Drag Expo is a proposed promotional pamphlet for Melbourne’s largest drag convention. The convention features a range of panelists, tutorials, community spaces, merchandising, meet and greets and runways all hosted at Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre.

The outcome is inspired by the exorbitant colours, personality and overall spirit of the drag art form as a whole. The use of high-contrast collaged images as the basis of the identity is inspired by the exaggerated nature of drag itself, which is a tool for self-expression and empowerment, and an important part of LGBTQI+ culture.


I’m Tara, a MADA design graduate based in Melbourne (Naarm). My design interests span across identity, digital publishing, motion and typography.  

Portfolio ︎︎︎
taraandrews48@gmail.com ︎︎︎
+61 498 042 729